D Day

It’s the due date today. Statistics tell you that only 3, 5 or 11% of babies are born on the due date (yet again, the stats are a little mixed…) so you shouldn’t really get your hopes up but it’s hard having something to focus on that then doesn’t happen. And it seems highly unlikely that she will arrive today. So unlikely that we are about to head out on a day trip and meal.

I’m really impatient now. It’s got more to do with almost constant uncomfortable-ness than any maternal longing to meet the baby. Perhaps I should be longing to meet her but frankly, it would be easier to long if my back wasn’t aching and my pelvis didn’t feel like it was about to crack in two.

We have a midwife appointment on Friday but they’re not allowed to do anything to help speed things up till a week after the due date so it will be a normal check up. Unless the seemingly impossible happens and she decides to come along before then. I think it’s going to be another week.

There is nothing I can do about this but it doesn’t stop it being frustrating anyway. Of course, it’s the fact that there’s nothing I can do that’s the most frustrating thing about it all. The fabled recommendations don’t really do anything – it’s just something comforting that people tell you. You need several gallons of raspberry leaf tea each day or curry so spicy it makes your stomach violently contract. Perhaps it’s just me, but the idea of eating something that may mess with your body so close to a time when I will be straining to expel the baby just doesn’t strike me as a good idea, even if I could manage food that spicy which I can’t.

So in the meantime I’m trying to keep busy – lots of projects, things to make for the baby, writing, research and lots of walking. It would be a lot easier to wait if the weather was a leetle warmer though, could I make some kind of pact with the weather gods? I won’t complain but please send the sun!

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