Baby brain

There’s a new study out that says that ‘baby brain’ doesn’t exist, except in the head of mothers-to-be.

*Reads sentence again, clarifies*

I mean, women don’t actually get more dense when pregnant, they just think they do. Here’s a link to someone who explains it better.

I find this both heartening and a little upsetting. Upsetting only that I’ve been using baby brain to write off my usual mistakes (sending emails without attachments, forgetting the date and so on..) and now I have no excuse. Though the fact that these are the sort of mistakes I make without being pregnant does obviously prove that the new study makes sense.

Heartening, obviously, because my brain’s functioning well. Hooray! I report this with glee to my mother.

“Rubbish,” she says. “I’ve known lots of intelligent women who got thicker when pregnant.”

I decide not to get into technicalities – it’s all about perception, Ma! Oh never mind. Instead I say, “but not me!” in a happy tone.

There is a pause.

“You must be one of the lucky few then.” She’s not to be shifted.

More good news follows. She tells me I shouldn’t eat too many foodstuffs with iron in as I’ll get constipated and then I’ll get piles. Don’t let anyone tell you pregnancy is full of glamour…

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