First scan

This is great for two reasons – the first is that it confirms that there is, indeed, a baby there so I can stop panicking about that. It’s more obviously great because we get to see the baby. It scratches its head while on “camera”. However, I have been confident, from the date of my last period, that I am 14 weeks pregnant. This is wrong. The scan says I am 16 weeks pregnant. I conceived before coming off the pill. I don’t know how this happened and do not remember not taking one for any reason. The midwives look at me pityingly. How could I have got it so wrong? “Did you not know you were pregnant?” they ask. Then they take blood samples. They also ask for the early morning urine sample I’ve been told to bring. I find the Tupperware I’ve put it in has leaked (luckily into a plastic bag and not straight into my handbag) All this takes nearly four hours while we wait around with many other mothers, most of whom look younger than me. But as I’m fit and healthy there is no need to go back – community midwifery it is for me.

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