There’s an awful lot of this. People spout it all the time. And often it seems to be around the concept of Motherhood (that’s a capital M for a reason). One of my colleagues (well his wife) has just had a baby and, when he was showing us the pictures, someone looked at a pic of his wife holding the baby and said “Oh, she looks like a Mum.”

What does this mean?

She’s a woman holding a newborn. From the way it was phrased it sounded to me that not every woman who holds their newborn child will look like a Mum. Will I? Will the ability to “look like a Mum” appear with the baby? Like a butterfly emerging from the cocoon, will I be more Mum-like after the pain of labour?

If, as I suspect, the phrase is absolute bullshit, then why do people reserve such inane phrases for Motherhood? Do they not realise a) what they’re saying or b) how much extra pressure this adds to the new terrified mother? Possibly not.

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